A "Vortex" of Mental Disturbance

The entity known as "ChurchMilitant.tv" is quite possibly the sickest manifestation of modern Catholicism. It is everything that I loathe about the post-Vatican II Church all rolled into one, vile, gaudy, package. It's JP2 Neo-Conservatism meets the æsthetics and sensationalism of Fox News. No, no, sorry ... more like TMZ.

Its founder is a grotesque named Michael Voris. He is the church equivalent of Roy Cohn. He is a gay man who is not gay because gayness is for weak, sick, godless, effeminate perverts. No, Voris has "found his manhood" (and apparently, , everyone else's).

He knows "theology" because he has (get this) an STB. He bandies this about in a truly pathetic way, as if it makes him a great authority on Catholic theology. What it suggests to anyone with even a little knowledge of Catholic academia is that he is a failed seminarian.

By chance I met the man in person several years ago. I knew instantly that the man was a seriously disturbed "ex-gay" type. The way he was looking at me (I don't claim to be Adonis Incarnate) would be more than enough evidence, outside of an overtly ecclesiastical context, that he meant to suck me dry in the nearest bathroom stall. I am not exaggerating.

I know something about the cult of manhood in conservative and trad Catholic circles. It's all about proving that one's undoubted virtuous hetero-ness but its take on masculinity is as about as artificial and cartoony as a cheesy gay porn flick.

In any case, I have a bee in my bonnet about this article. An extremely gifted church organist, world renowned, also a former religious in a mildly trad religious order, has been expelled from the Church Music Association of America for reasons not entirely clear. Presumably someone learned that he is gay, actively so, and decided to damage his career by tattling to Catholic TMZ, that is, ChurchMilitant.tv.

What makes it all the more sick is the fact that Voris himself was the target of an exposé about his own sordid gay past which explains his failed clerical ambitions.

This is beyond vile: muckraking, gossipy, hateful.  I am not the kind of person to bandy about words like this but this really is purely and simply hateful.  May Almighty God destroy this whole abomination and prevent Michael Voris from destroying souls, his own included.